Our history

Weevee was born from a simple observation by its creator: the lack of diversity in the colors of lavalier windjammers and the difficulty in concealing them against different items of clothing. While clothing comes in an endless variety of shades, the microphone windjammers currently available on the market do not: wearers are generally limited to black, white, gray or even brown.


A sound professional for over 15 years, Julien Matthey has chosen to create his own brand of accessories, including windjammers in multiple shades. Quality and originality are at the heart of the concept, with all items made in Switzerland. As they are commonly used outdoors on lavaliers (lapel microphones) to reduce the impact of wind on the microphone capsule, each windjammer, or “furry”, has been subjected to numerous quality tests.

Weevee’s mission? To provide windscreens for lavalier microphones in a wide range shades, either to camouflage them, or to help them stand out! Why not funk up your outfit with the flashiest of colors?

Whether you are a sound or audiovisual professional, Weevee provides you with quality products, and with style!


Our products

Windscreens are the allies of any sound or audiovisual professional.

Our colored windjammers are made from faux fur in order to prevent the wind from hitting the lavalier’s capsule and causing potential saturation, making the signal unrecoverable. This product exists in many colors, so it can be discretely positioned against any sort of clothing.



Our artisanal windjammers are 100% handmade, in Switzerland.

Quality is at the heart of our concept: each windjammer is thoroughly checked before being shipped.


The cut
The windjammers are cut in various sizes from large strips of fabric in different colors, to match various models of lavaliers.

The second step is to trim the fur to maintain a good wind protection ratio, while reducing the size of the windscreen.

Sewing & assembly
After the pieces are cut and the fur trimmed, a label with the logo is sewn on with a machine. The rest of the item is sewn by hand, with an elastic pulled tightly so that each windscreen stays perfectly attached to the lavalier, even in strong wind conditions.